Snap Front LED Light Boxes


Snap Frame LED Light Boxes

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Bring your advertising to life with our sleek Snap Front LED Light Box.

Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame, this indoor light box is easy to place and adjust while being strong enough to last even in the busiest stores. LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy of traditional fluorescent lighting, up to 75% less. The Snap Front Light Box LEDs are rated to last 50,000 hours.

It is ideal for highlighting promotions, special products, or anything else you would like to emphasize. The light box's easy-to-use snap front frame allows you to quickly and easily change signage along with your marketing or branding strategy. The frame's slender design with its narrow 1.25" depth and black or silver finish makes it a good fit for any store decor or design.

The Snap Front LED Light Box is available for the following graphic sizes:

  • 16"x20", $154.99
  • 22"x28", $197.99
  • 24"x36", $331.99
  • 30"x40", $381.99
  • 36"x48", $532.99