24" x 36" Crystal LED Light Box Silver Border- $199.99



24" x 36" Crystal LED Light Box Silver Border
    24" x 36" Crystal LED Light Box Silver Border 24" x 36" Crystal LED Light Box Silver Border 24" x 36" Crystal LED Light Box Silver Border

24" x 36" Crystal LED Light Box Silver Border

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Generate attention to your brand instantly by adding a 24" x 36" Crystal LED Light Box to your visual merchandising strategy. Designed to enhance your messaging, this ultra-thin light box highlights your product or service with an air of modern sophistication. At a mere 0.4" in depth, the Crystal Light Box has one of the thinnest profiles on the market - taking up very little space - making it ideal for use in various retail and commercial applications. A crisp silver border outlines your message, a unique design element that helps draw attention to the display from customers and other passersby - even from a distance. At a quick glance, the crystal frame appears to be made of clear glass, but is actually constructed of a durable, translucent acrylic, allowing the light to pass through the frame efficiently and effectively. Beautiful, bright, white LED illumination provides the ultimate in energy-efficient lighting while showcasing your display brilliantly. This Crystal Light Box accommodates graphics in a 24" x 36" graphic size and is designed for wall-mounting.

Offering low power consumption, an LED light box uses a small amount of energy and has low maintenance requirements. Compare that to traditional fluorescent light boxes which require routine lamp replacement and consume more energy, ultimately resulting in higher operational costs. The frame’s user friendly design allows you to change graphics and advertising effortlessly. Simply remove the decorative screws, swap out the graphic, and replace the front panel – it’s that easy. Ideal for retail, hospitality, healthcare and educational environments, this product will help complement any promotional strategy. Enhance your business’s presentation and brand messaging today with this elegant Crystal LED Light Box.

Graphic Specs
Graphic Size 24" x 36"
Product Specs
Finish/Color Clear w/ silver border
Outer Dimensions 28.4" x 40.4"
Depth/Thickness 0.4"
Shipping Specs
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 44" x 34" x 6"
Shipping Weight 25 lbs